Hofstede’s 2020-03-24T20:50:58-07:00

COVID Updates:

First of all we want to thank our community for their support during this uncertain time. We want to thank our staff for working hard and we want to thank our customers for their encouragement.
As an essential service, we are still open; we want to highlight a few things we are committed to.
We are committed to delivering the same quality service to our customers as always.
We are committed to maintaining fair pricing margins . If you notice prices going up, it is due to the declining Canadian Dollar value, or rising supplier costs.
We are committed to health and safety. We want to encourage you to do only what you’re comfortable with. If you are hesitant about shopping in public, we have created an online shopping list for you to use.
We are committed to cleanliness. Please be conscious of your distance to others while shopping, and limit touching product to items you are planning to buy. We want to do our part in flattening the curve!

We’re proud to be part of Chilliwack’s Circle Farm Tour.