British Groceries at a Dutch store? You bet!

British Groceries at a Dutch store? You bet!

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Wait, aren’t you exclusively Dutch??? Nope! We also have Indonesian, Indian, Thai, South African, and Italian products! Yes, our roots are in Holland, but we have an entire International grocery selection from all over the world. The diversity in our grocery section is why it’s so unique. That’s also why we now also carry a selection of items from Britain.

So, what IS British Food? We all know about Scones & Fish-n-Chips……


Would you believe if it if I said Candy? Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. Of course I know you can find candy anywhere in Canada. Buuuut have you ever had Love Hearts? These heart shaped candies are tasty, and come in handy if you’ve been looking for an easy way to tell that certain someone you care. Swizzels has been making Love Hearts for 65 years, and are well versed in the business…er matters of love.





What would life be without a little chocolate? Galaxy brings a sweet simple taste of everyone’s favourite chocolate bar. Remember when you would sneak a square (or two) from mom and dad’s “secret” stash? Well now there’s no need to sneak anything. Unless of course there are people at home you need to hide it from…







Now if you’re anything like me, you may not have heard of this one before. Mushy Peas date back to the beginnings the English palate and later became popular as a side dish with Fish-n-chips. They’re made through a process of soaking and boiling marrowfat peas with spices until they’re mush. It really is all in the name. To make sure you know it’s authentically British, Batchelors ‘mushy peas are only made with peas grown on English soil!






What’s any meal without a little sauce? These two, Mint and Tartar , are steeped in English roots. Of course, most people living here in the west coast of BC, have tried tartar sauce on account of the many fish-n-chip shacks scattered throughout the area. On the other hand, mint sauce isn’t as well-known, (that just means you should try it!). This one, usually used as a garnish to roast lamb, also pairs well with other types of meat, sandwiches, and oddly enough mushy peas! Bet you didn’t think you’d run into those so soon again 😉






These are only a few of the new items we added to our grocery section, so come in anytime to check out the rest! If you have any questions shoot us a facebook message or comment right down here.