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Tastes of Thailand

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Thailand holds the honor of being home to the worlds Best Dish according to CNN Travel with their Massaman curry. Aromatic and balanced, Thai cooks strive to find a harmonious balance between sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and spicy. Speaking of spicy......Thailand boasts 79 different varieties of chili from mildly spicy sweet, to burn your head off scorching [...]

Thai-Tastic- Crispy Thai Chicken Salad

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This Crispy Thai Chicken Salad from Bon Appetit will make an amazing light lunch minus the rice, or spring evening dinner served with Jasmine rice. This isn't really Thai food TBH. It doesn't have the typical "bite" you normally find, even in Thai salads, but it definitely leans in the direction of Thailand. It's a crunchy lovers [...]

Thai-Tastic: Traditional Pad Thai

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Even if you have never set foot in Thailand or a Thai food restaurant, you have likely tried some version of Pad Thai. There is a good reason why this dish is so beloved, and this Traditional Pad Thai is widely considered Thailand's National Dish. Give it a try at home, its pretty easy to pull off, and [...]

Thai-Tastic- Thai Coconut Soup

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This Thai Coconut Prawn Soup is a great soup choice for spring & summer. It is nice and light, with a enough of a kick  to remind you that you are eating a Thai dish! I like add a scoop of jasmine rice to my bowl before the soup to make it a but more substantial. [...]

Thai-Tastic- The Food of Thailand

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The best word to describe Thai cuisine is: Balance. Each dish is harmonized to create an almost perfect balance of it's elements. Sweet. Salty. Spicy. Sour. Crunchy. Chewy. Color. Protein. Vegetable. Rice or noodle. Thai food is a source of national pride, and national obsession. Apparently for good reason! A Thai dish was just featured as the #1 MOST [...]