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Pasta Salads

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Whether you are camping out or cooking out this weekend, pasta salad packs & stores well, & is hearty and filling. Pasta salads are a easy addition to whatever protein you choose, or a great meal all on it's own. We have an awesome selection of traditional, and gluten free pasta's, as well as our local [...]

Foodie Camping: Breakfast

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For most people a camping menu has just one requirement: EASY! I guess I am not most people, because when I camp, I cook more often and more complex recipes than I do at home. I find I have more time to cook, and can sit at a picnic table and chat-n-chop in no particular hurry. [...]

Foodie Camping: Dinner

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This week we are featuring ideas for a delicious & healthy(ish), camping menu. The challenge is that we are trying to make the menu using one or more of the following restrictions: Doesn't require refrigeration Doesn't require an oven Doesn't require pots or pans The perfect cooking technique for this challenge is by using "packets" or [...]