Doughnut Hole

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Doughnut Hole Hand Made Doughnuts launched in Chilliwack in the summer of 2018. From the get go, Chef Darcy had a plan, and that plan was zero compromise. We at Hofstedes get that way of thinking. Everything hand made. Made from scratch. Using the best ingredients. We are thrilled to have partnered with Doughnut Hole as a secondary location offering these hand made creations!

So why buy a $3.00 doughnut? Let us tell you why!

1. Our Doughnuts will always be handmade from start to finish. We actually mix our dough by hand every morning. Each doughnut is hand cut, filled, dipped and decorated by our incredible bakers to make each doughnut a unique treat.

2. We will always use the finest ingredients. Real whipped cream, Meringues made with fresh eggs, Real Swiss Chocolate, Real pastry cream and fillings, Real Mexican Vanilla, Real extracts and flavours.
With the exception of store bought candy and cereals that we use on a few of our doughnuts, there will Never be artificial colour, flavour or even sprinkles on or in our doughnuts.

3. We will always use the finest of local ingredients from local suppliers. We are proud to work with and use local ingredients from Produce Gone WildJohnstons Local-QualityOld Yale BrewingSmits & Co.w Farm Cheese and many other local suppliers. These companies are committed to providing us with ingredients that make our doughnuts second to none.

4. We will help support local schools, community groups, churches and other not for profit organizations through fundraising.
We have been so very grateful for the support we have received from our community, your support is helping us help many incredible organizations raise much needed funds to support their goals. Please contact us to see how we can help serve you.

5. We are only focused on making the best hand made doughnuts you have ever had. Our incredible team of bakers will never compromise or take short cuts. Our $3.00 doughnut is a creation of love, skill and passion that will bring back memories of when companies focused on quality not profits. I still remember going to the same local bakery every week with my family growing up. We hope to create new memories and traditions for you.

You will always get our very best, one hand made $3.00 doughnut at a time.