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Winter Soups are here

To add to our already delicious soup menu we have the winter soups, which are…

Tuesday: Cream of Tomato
Wednesday: 18 bean & Meatball, and Cream of Mushroom
Saturday: Cream of Chicken, and Chili

The staff in our coffee shop prepares 3-4 soups and 6-8 salads from scratch every day for your healthy lunch choice! They also make delicious sandwiches with our fresh baked buns or breads and prepare a daily feature special to satisfy your lunch cravings. But don’t forget dessert! Our very own baker makes assorted cakes, muffins, cheesecakes, cream puffs, loaves, and much, much more!

Short on time? No problem! Everything that our coffee shop offers can also be taken out! Our take-out cooler is filled every morning with newly prepared product for your convenience. The staff in the coffee shop would also be happy to pack your soup and sandwiches for take-out!