Pickling: Weird Pickles

Pickling: Weird Pickles

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Sometimes, I like to pull off into crazy-town. What tastes good is often in….the mouth of the beholder? Each of these recipes gets great feedback, so if you are feeling brave, maybe you could make the family some kool-aid pickles!! Here are a few pickle recipes that someone thought were good enough to post. No guarantee’s here!

Kool-aid pickles – These sound DISGUSTING to me, but from the reviews I have read people seem to love them. PLEASE let us know if you decide to try them.

Pickled Nectarines– There are certain foods that just make sense for pickling, but IMHO, nectarines are NOT one of them.

Pickled Fennel with Orange Zest– Contrary to most of the pickles on this list, this one actually sounds appealing to me, its just unusual.

Pickled Pumpkin– This is another one my mother-in-law did that I had never heard of. Unfortunately I never tried hers, but eating pumpkin in anything besides pie seems way outfield to me….am I wrong?

Pickled Potatoes– While this seems a bit odd to me, I DO like adding pickles to my potato salad….I wonder what pickled potatoes would be like as a potato salad?

Pickled Avocados– This is just a no for me. First, wouldn’t the brine break down the avo’s too much? Help me understand this recipe, because its just a no for me dog.