Pickling: Sauerkraut

Pickling: Sauerkraut

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Germans get popular credit for Sauerkraut, but did you know that it was actually the Chinese that

started making fermented cabbage using rice wine? Sauerkraut is a type of pickle that falls into the “fermented pickle” category. Fermentation has a leg up on it’s pickling cousin in the health department in that it has some probiotic and enzymatic value, and the lactic acid is incredibly beneficial to digestion when consumed along with the fermented vegetables, or even when sipped alone (Kombucha anyone?), and it is an excellent source of vitamin C & B.

You can get step-by-step instructions on making Sauerkraut here or, If you haven’t yet had the good fortune to watch Brad Leone of Bon Appetit, well, now’s your chance! He has an entire “show” on YouTube called “It’s Alive” that focuses almost completely on Fermentation! And he’s funny. He obviously did a show on Sauerkraut, here it is!

Here are few great recipes to try: Passion Pink Kraut from Make Sauerkraut from Make Sauerkraut and this very simple, more traditional version from Food Network