Keto Thanksgiving

Keto Thanksgiving

Sticking to your keto diet over thanksgiving will be EASY with these recipes. There are a lot of great thanksgiving recipes out there that have been adapted to suit those on a ketogenic diet.  Here are a few of the best:

Supreme Green Bean Casserole 

“This low carb Supreme Green Bean Casserole is everything the other one wishes it was: rich, creamy, flavorful and made from wholesome ingredients – oh! and it’s keto & gluten-free!”

Keto Turkey Gravy 

This recipe calls for something called “Glucomannan” which is a fiber made from the konjac root. It has almost no carbs, and is almost all fiber, so many are discovering it as a great ingredient for thickening or as a flour substitute for keto recipes. Its pretty expensive, but might be worth a try. You can get it on Amazon, and in some health food stores.

Low carb paleo cauliflower stuffing

“Need an easy low carb paleo stuffing for Thanksgiving? Try this cauliflower stuffing recipe! It has all the same flavors, plus it’s healthy & delicious.”

Maple Bacon Carrots  

Sweet, savory, rich, and tender!

Browned Butter Cauliflower mash

I am going to go out on a limb here and say the I PREFER these to traditional mashed potatoes.

Grain free Red Lobster biscuits

These biscuits use almond & coconut flour in place of an all purpose grain flour.  While you will likely never get the same “rise” from a nut flour that you get with a grain flour, these are just as delicious as the originals!

Pumpkin Roll with cream cheese filling

“I know this recipe looks like it has a ton of ingredients and time. It is very unlike me to post something that is this time consuming and ingredient-heavy. However, I know that once you try this recipe you will be in love! This is my go-to dessert for fall entertaining and holidays!”

Keto Garlic Bread

“The secret to really good low-carb bread? Cheese, glorious cheese!”

***Please note: We do not endorse this, or any other food lifestyle, diet or program. We simply love food, and want to give our customers ideas on all sorts of food lifestyle recipes & choices they might be interested in. Please contact your doctor before following this or any diet, lifestyle or food program to get information & recommendation for your specific needs.