Instant Pots: What are they?

Instant Pots: What are they?

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Instant pots are a relatively new hybrid of some very OLD kitchen appliances. The pressure cookers our Mothers, Grandmothers, and Great Grand Mothers used were straight-up scary. One false move, and you could be facing personal injury and a trashed kitchen. They were used to preserve food mainly, but also they could take a inexpensive piece of meat, and make it super tender and amazing.

Because of the risks & rigmarole associated with using pressure cookers, they fell out of “fashion” for modern kitchens, which is too bad because you can do things with them that are not possible with other types of appliances and cooking methods.

In walks the “Instant Pot”.


This new hybrid appliance combines a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute pan, steamer, yogurt maker and food warmer. The company claims the pot uses 70% less energy over-all, and will cut your cooking time by up to 10 X! Plus, they are much more safe than their old timey, kitchen wrecking ancestors.

We will be featuring Instant Pot recipes all week, so come and cook along with us as we take the Instant Pot for a spin!

You can get them locally in Chilliwack at our Canadian TireBest Buy, or online at

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Keep checking back to the blog all week for more instant ideas!