Indian Food At Home?

Indian Food At Home?

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Indian food seems to be the type of cuisine that if you aren’t Indian, you eat out more often than attempting it at home. Lets change that!

Some of the reasons for this is that authentic Indian food requires some specialty equipment, long cooking times and a sometimes complicated array of ingredients and recipes made from scratch.

The good news is that many of today’s commercially jarred sauces, marinades, and breads  are good enough that you don’t have to make everything from scratch. Some of the best Indian cooks agree, pick your battles. Things to buy: naan bread (so much better cooked in a tandoor oven, buy it hot from your local Indian restaurant), paneer (Indian curd cheese), curry paste, ghee (clarified butter made from buffalo or cow) desserts, samosa’s.

Things worth the time and effort to make from scratch: Korma (this Instant Pot Recipe…excellent, or this vegetable Korma loaded with fresh vegetables), rice dishes (this Matar Pulao is the BEST!). Speaking of rice, Basmati is the preferred variety of rice for Indian cooking. It has a very distinctive nutty flavour, a long grain, and is light and fluffy texture. Part of the texture is derived from the method it is cooked, and in most cases Indian cooks use the “Pilaf Method” to ensure that the rice doesn’t clump and stick together.

Bypass the long cooking times by using your slow cooker, which is excellent for Indian food. Try this Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower & potato curry) or this butter chicken!

Looking for something vegetarian and a little different? This creamy beet curry is a banger. Malai kofta might be my absolute favorite Indian dish, above all else (and that says a LOT). There are a lot of really good recipes out there. They all have slight variations, but are generally all pretty good. This one is a good start.

Here are just a few of the great products we carry to help get your next (first?) Indian meal under your belt!