Greek Out!

Greek Out!

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Greek food is heavily influenced by both Italian and Ottoman cuisine. Ingredients like Olives & Olive Oil, lemons, honey, salty cheese like feta & mizithra, yogurt, mint, dill, potato, eggplant, tomatoes,  garlic & oregano play a huge roll.

So, is Greek Oregano different than Italian or Mexican Oregano? Yes, yes it is. Greek Oregano is often described and being generally more, “earthy” and savory than the others. We carry Krinos Pure Greek Oregano in-store, and it is on special this week for $2.29.

Kolokythokeftedes or Greek Courghette fritters, are the best possible way to start an epic Greek meal. Also, aren’t we ALWAYS looking for ways to use up the abundance of zucchini we have in our garden? Just me?

This version is best served with tzatkiki and a squeeze of fresh lemon. We carry the local “Rendezvous” version, or you can take a crack at making your own tzatziki. 

Not a fan of zucchini? We have you covered with this back-up plan: Tomatokeftedes (Fried tomato balls or tomato fritters). These are also perfecto served with some tzatziki. Here is an excellent Tzatziki recipe!

I know that this can only barely squeak by as “Greek”, but it is DEFINITELY delicious!  These “Greek” quesadilla’s are a fun twist on some classics! Plus, if you grab a rotisserie chicken, they are

also very quick and easy to put together for a weeknight dinner.

For another Greek-ish, easy and healthy dinner idea, check out these Greek Power Bowls.

Yum! I did mine with ground beef instead of chicken (ground turkey would be great as well), and they were excellent! We carry a spice mix from Spice Works for creating a souvlaki marinade. I added some of the dry mix to my hamburger, and it was great!

If you want to make something incredible to go along with your power bowl, I recommend these quick and easy Alevropita…a flat, crispy, Greek, feta bread. Delish!

You will notice that lamb is suspiciously absent from this blog. My bad, but I don’t like lamb, so I never make or eat it, and can’t recommend any recipes to you. Will pork do?

These Greek ribs are my favorite way to do ribs. I am not sure of their authenticity to Greek cuisine, but they do have Greek inspired ingredients like olive oil, garlic, honey, oregano and lemon. We always finish ours on BBQ to get a nice char on them.

Finally, I wanted to mention that we carry the “Make Cheese” feta kits, so if you want to try and make your own Feta cheese, each kit has everything you need (except milk) to make LOTS of cheese in your own kitchen. Have fun, and let us know if you decided to Greek out!