Charcuterie Series: Salami

Charcuterie Series: Salami

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So, what is salami?

Salami has come a long way from it’s roots with European peasants who coveted this meat for it’s stability without refrigeration for long periods of up to 40 days, when fresh meat wasn’t an option.
Salami is a type of sausage consisting fresh ground meat (typically beef or pork) that has various spices added, then it is fermented, sometimes smoked, and air-dried (or “cured”) to create the low moisture content required to keep it from going rancid outside of refrigeration. Almost all countries and regions across Europe make their own traditional varieties of salami.

Here are a few:

An Italian dry salami, Soppressata is made from pork. Natural flavours such as black pepper, cumin, red pepper and chili peppers (in Hot Soppressata) are added to the meat. The meat undergoes an aging process which can last between 30-100 days. Soppressata delivers an intense, sometimes hot taste.

Genoa salami is an uncooked, cured sausage that was originally made in Italy with pork and seasoned with garlic, peppercorns and red wine.  A softer salami that originated in the Genoa region of Italy, it is often a favorite when served as an appetizer.

Cervelat Salami
One of the most popular salamis sold in our deli. Cervelat is a dry-cured salami made of a blend of pork and beef. Tangy and smoky in flavor, yet still mild. Perfect for those with sensitive palates.

Hungarian Salami
Also known as Winter Salami, this meat is made from pork, then cured in cold air and smoked slowly. Up until the 1950’s, Hungarian Salami could only be made during the winter months, as the curing process requires constant cool air. The smoky flavour pairs well with cheese and wine.

Italian Salami
“Italian Salami” is really more of a general term for a variety of salami that is produced in every nook and cranny of Italy, rather than a specific type of salami. We carry a very nice mild Italian salami that makes an excellent addition to your charcuterie board because it is a crowd pleaser…..not too spicy or strong for most people.

This spicy salami comes out of Spain, Portugal, Mexico & South America. It often used to add some punch to other dishes thanks to it’s smoky, spicy and bold characteristics. It is made exclusively from pork, and comes in fresh, semi-cured, smoked and dried versions depending on the region it comes from.

Pepperoni is America’s crack at salami, and a close cousin to Italian Soppressata. It is made from a mixture of cured pork and beef, and generally seasoned with paprika and chili pepper. Pepperoni is typically soft & smoky, with a bright red in color thanks to the addition of the paprika. Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the world, and 252 million pounds of pepperoni is consumed annually in America alone.