Charcuterie Series: Dips, Condiments & Spreads

Charcuterie Series: Dips, Condiments & Spreads

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Dips and spreads are not something you see very often on Charcuterie, but I think that is a mistake! We carry several dips and spreads that are perfect to add some creaminess, punch, or sweet to your next board.

Lemon & Basil Ricotta: This ricotta dip is really simple, clean tasting, and adds such a nice creamy element to any charcuterie board. Simply grate some lemon zest  into your ricotta, add some finely chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper to taste. Leftover dip can be used on pasta!

Preserves: Jams & Jellies give your board a more rounded flavour profile by adding a bit of sweetness to contrast with all of the creamy cheeses and savory meats on your board. We recommend these boozy preserves from The Preservatory in Langley, BC. We carry Spiced Cranberry & Iced Apple Wine, Yellow Plum with Tumeric & Chili and Craft Beer Jelly.

Hummus: We make our own classic hummus in-house from scratch. Hummus is great to include on a board for a vegan & vegetarian option, and it pairs beautifully with vegetables, and any breads or crackers on your board.

Olive Oil & Vinegar: Get the best olive oil you can afford and pair it with a reduced balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper and coarsely ground salt for a lovely accompaniment to crusty bread. For some extra BAM, add some whole roasted garlic cloves.

Tzatziki: Cool, refreshing and creamy. Tzatziki adds a nice accompaniment for vegetables & breads on your Charcuterie board.

Grainy Mustard: We have some that are from imported from France & Germany,  and even a local one made by Wildcraft Organic Mustard. No matter which one you choose, mustard is a great accompaniment to a board with sausage or even breads and salami.

Honey: We carry an incredible selection of local honey, including this Sweet Orange Honey from Greendale Honey! We also carry a huge selection of Elias Honey & Honeyview Farms Honey. Great accompaniment for fresh figs, and any creamy cheese selections.