Ode to Ireland: Brown Sugar Irish Coffee

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Am I the only one who thought "Irish Coffee" was Baileys & Coffee? It's not. It's good, but it's not Irish Coffee. THIS however.....this is Irish Coffee! This Brown Sugar Irish Coffee from Garrett McCord (who else would you trust a Irish Coffee recipe from if not a recipe developer with the last name "McCord"???) Also, what is [...]

Ode to Ireland: Soda Bread

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Bread Drama alert! So, apparently "Irish Soda" bread isn't really Irish at all (or at least not the version most of us know!). The Society for the Preservation of Irish Soda Bread says that most versions of the bread we see today are only a rough version of the recipe, and that leavening the bread using soda was actually [...]

Ode to Ireland: Dublin Coddle

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This is essentially Ireland's version of a "fridge clean-out" meal! Pretty sure this would make me want to clean out my fridge more often! Coddle is more of a Dublin based recipe rather than all of Ireland, but it is the food of the capital! For the meat and potato people in your life, this is [...]

Ode to Ireland: Beef pot pie with a cheddar stout crust

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This Beef pot pie with cheddar stout crust from Food Network Magazine is an awesome twist on a classic Irish pot pie! Warm, and toasty, this is a great choice for a family meal on St. Patricks Day! Serve it with an Irish Pub salad, and boom...consider dinner done! Tip: for working Mom's and Dad's, cook the stew in [...]

Ode to Ireland: Beef & Guinness Stew

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Before we know it, summer will be here and we will be in salad and grilling season. We are wrapping up comfort food for winter this week with some fantastic Irish recipes, and Irish cuisine is ALL comfort food. This Beef & Guinness Stew from Cooking Light is incredible! Hearty, satisfying, and super easy! Ingredients 3 tablespoons canola oil, [...]