Best of the Valley

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Local= Fresh. It’s that simple.

Thanks to our climate and location in the Fraser River basin, the Fraser Valley has an abundance of locally grown produce, and is considered home to many nationally recognized food manufacturers. We are proud to present the best of what the Valley has to offer, and we are always looking for great new local products to offer our customers!

Here is a small sampling of the local producers that we are proud to carry:

Triple Jims Juice

Triple Jims has always been a family owned and operated business, and remains so to this day. They make all of their juices with lots of hands on care. Every bottle of juice is bottled by hand, hand capped and the label applied by hand. All of Triple Jims fruit is locally grown either in the Fraser Valley or in the Okanagan, and is Organic Juices certified by BCARA Organics.

Anita’s Organic

Located right here in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Anita’s  hammers and stone mills Certified Organic, Canadian Grains in small batches. They slow the mills down to keep temperatures low and the nutrition intact. They do not sift away the bran or germ of the grain, the whole grain goes in and the whole grain comes out. This attention to process produces products with better taste, performance and nutrition. It takes longer, but it’s worth it.

Savory Sausage

Savory Sausage makes genuine hand crafted artisan gourmet sausages with no by-products, preservatives, and they are gluten & nitrate free! Based in Chilliwack, they only use fresh meat (nothing is ever frozen), and grind all of their own spices! The best of the wúrst!

Sardis Bakery

Do you own a restaurant or have a special event coming up? Contact Sardis Bakery with all your bread, cake and pastry needs; they specialize in wholesale and custom orders.

Fraser Valley Meats

They produce many of their own signature items including excellent beef patties, ground beef, and sausage (thier own recipe!). Fraser Valley Meats has an unparalleled reputation for excellence, and commitment to friendly personal service and expert advice!

Heppells Potato Corportation

Heppells has become more than a small business. At peak harvest time, the company employs approximately 70 people (full and part time) for growing, harvesting, grading, packaging and shipping. HPC’s farm produce is grown, washed, packed and then delivered to customers as more than 12,000 metric tons of potatoes, 450 tons of squash, 600 tons of pumpkins, 10,000 tons of corn silage and various other commodities as cover and land rotational crops. Over 80% of HPC crops are shipped within a 100-mile radius. Heppell’s name is synonymous with quality for customers, as they know if it is Heppells it means farm fresh, quality.

Honeyview Farm

Honeyview Farm produces specialty honey from blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and other flowers. In addition, we have created new and interesting products with honey and the other natural substances produced by the bees such as pollen, propolis, royal jelly and beeswax. Their products have been shipped as far as Europe and Japan.

BC Belgian Endive

Van Eekelen Enterprises purchased the land for their Sumas Prairie location nestled between 2 majestic mountain ranges because of the fine micro-climate, and sandy soils that have proved to be excellent for the crops! Many years later, they continue to fine-tune the farm by using modern farming practices including crop rotation, informed decisions, common sense, staying up to date with current and future technologies, a clean and professional farm, and healthy working environment for all employees! You can get their beautiful Belgian Endive all year at Hofstedes!