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Vegan & Vegetarian Thanksgiving

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Being vegan or vegetarian is hardly considered an "alternative" way of eating these days. It has become mainstream to see a meatless meal (even meat eaters are happily finding their way to delicious vegan products and recipes), and vegan restaurants can be found almost anywhere, but Thanksgiving and Christmas still seem to revolve around meat. With the focus [...]

Decadent Thankgiving

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All the fat, carbs, gluten, meat & calorific awesomeness you can imagine for your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy! Stuffing Waffles  Maybe not for Thanksgiving Day, but I wanted to include them because how great will these be for a day after brunch??? Cheesy Onion & Potato Gratin "An easy potato and onion casserole with chunks of bacon [...]

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

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For some, cutting gluten out is a health choice, and for some, it can be the difference between being healthy or VERY sick. Gluten free products have come a LONG way. I was curious to see what a gluten free thanksgiving might look like....and it looks pretty delicious! At Hofstedes we carry a large selection of gluten [...]

Keto Thanksgiving

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Sticking to your keto diet over thanksgiving will be EASY with these recipes. There are a lot of great thanksgiving recipes out there that have been adapted to suit those on a ketogenic diet.  Here are a few of the best: Supreme Green Bean Casserole  "This low carb Supreme Green Bean Casserole is everything the other [...]