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Veggie Grillin’: Charred Bread with Ricotta & Cherry Salsa

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This Charred Bread with Rocotta & Cherry Salsa from Bon Appetit was surprising & delicious. It is a great (and impressive) choice for a late summer lunch when Okanagan cherries are hitting the valley at their peak. Ingredients 3 spring onions, preferably red, white/red and green parts separated, thinly sliced on a steep diagonal 5 tablespoons [...]

Veggie Grillin’: Asparagus & Shitake Taco’s

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These Asparagus & Shitake Taco's from Good Housekeeping are delightful. They are VERY easy to throw together when you don't want to "heat up the house" with your stove, and make a nice light weeknight spring & summer dinner option. Ingredients 3 tbsp. canola oil 4 garlic cloves, crushed with press 1 tsp. ground chipotle chile [...]

Veggie Grillin’: Baba Ghanoush

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Chef John's Baba Ghanoush isn't a meal, but it is an impressive and "something a little different" dip to serve at your next BBQ or get together. I am always surprised at how many people have never tried Baba Ghanoush, and I have never met anyone that didn't like it once they tried it. Serve it [...]

Veggie Grillin’: Lemon Garlic Mushrooms

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So simple, and so good! These grilled lemon garlic mushrooms from Taste of Home are the perfect side to your next steak or chicken Ingredients 1/4 cup lemon juice 3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 garlic cloves, minced Pepper to taste 1 pound large fresh mushroom Instructions For dressing, whisk together first [...]

Veggie Grillin’: Sweet Potato Nacho’s

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Grilling has long been the domain of meat lovers. This week we are bringing you recipes that highlight fresh produce and ways to grill it this summer that might surprise even the most dedicated meat griller! This nacho recipe from Pinch of Yum is a great place to start! Ingredients for the nachos: 2 large sweet [...]

Veggie Grillin’: Cauliflower Steaks & Scallions

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I am fascinated by the million delicious ways foodies have discovered to cook Cauliflower. If you are "of a certain age" like I am, there was one way our mom's did cauliflower. One. Bad. Way. Boiled to death with cheese sauce. As a result, many people don't eat cauliflower at all because of the years they [...]

Customer Appreciation Week- May 14th to 19th!

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We appreciate you! We are proud to be celebrating 21 years of business in Chilliwack, and want to celebrate with a week of food tasting, food specials, and of course, food fun. The first 150 people in on Monday will receive a free box of Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Orange Pekoe tea! All week long we will be selling our awesome [...]


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We all have strange food combos we make at home. You might be partial to bacon and banana, or even avocado and jam. Well, it's time to put aside our egos and celebrate all weird food combos. We’ve gathered the top 5 best and strangest yet most delicious food pairings you can imagine. From burgers and [...]

Thai-Tastic- Crispy Thai Chicken Salad

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This Crispy Thai Chicken Salad from Bon Appetit will make an amazing light lunch minus the rice, or spring evening dinner served with Jasmine rice. This isn't really Thai food TBH. It doesn't have the typical "bite" you normally find, even in Thai salads, but it definitely leans in the direction of Thailand. It's a crunchy lovers [...]

Thai-Tastic: Traditional Pad Thai

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Even if you have never set foot in Thailand or a Thai food restaurant, you have likely tried some version of Pad Thai. There is a good reason why this dish is so beloved, and this Traditional Pad Thai is widely considered Thailand's National Dish. Give it a try at home, its pretty easy to pull off, and [...]