Tips for packing healthy school lunches

It’s that time of the year again, back to school & back to school lunches. Getting everyone up early and wrestling with the morning routine.

It’s all about trying to make each step easy and healthy for you and your kids. Right??!! Easy is a word all of us parents love to hear.

The daunting thought of packing a lunch day after day doesn’t have to be that painful. Choosing the right foods and ingredients can help boost health, immunity concentration and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming.

Getting your child involved in the process is so helpful for you & them. It’s teaching them the benefits of packing a healthy lunch that tastes better and fresher. Children will feel proud of their work and will probably eat more knowing their hard work went into packing it! At least thats what mine do.

Food plays a very important role in balancing moods and concentration throughout the day which leads to better learning. Avoiding packaged and processed foods can help prevent the spikes in sugar and and having your kids crash; as well as, reducing the signs of ADHD.

At Hofstedes Country Barn you can find plenty of nutritious and unique ideas for you and your family for school lunches. You’re always guaranteed to find weekly sales on fruits and veggies, perfect and easy for lunches; items like: homemade fruit leathers, fruit cups, sandwiches, sausages. It’s all about thinking creatively and having that one stop shopping place to make that happen.

Tips for Packing Healthy School Lunches 

Junk Food Free | The less junk and processed/packaged the better, and the more your child’s teacher will love you.

Smart Creative Snacks | Fruit leathers, fruit cups & cute shaped sandwiches makes meals more fun. Creating a lunch thats a little more exciting will have them eating them up and wanting more.

Educate & Teach Your Kids | Get your kids involved and have them help make their lunches all while sneakily teaching them the benefits of fresh produce and eating healthy.

Incorporate all food groups | Try incorporating different food groups, veggies, fruits, meat.

Read The Labels | Getting a better understanding of whats in your children food

Plan and Prepare | Makes life really easy packing last minute lunches when everything ready and available in your home. Making one stop and shopping for all your alternatives.