Meet the Funks!

Jesse, Carrie and Abbey are three of our most dependable, motivated, and diligent employees; and they also happen to be siblings! We’re not kidding when we say the Hofstede’s team is like a family! We feel pretty lucky to have this hard-working trio in our store, which is why this week we’re featuring the Funks!


When did you start working at Hofstede’s?

Carrie: I started last April – so it’s been about 1 year and 4 months

Jesse: This is my second week!

Abbey: I started working at Hofstede’s on June 21st


Why did you want to work at Hofstede’s?

Carrie: I thought it was a cute store, and I would have been willing to work in any department but I really liked the idea of working in a local coffee shop.

Jesse: It seemed like a good opportunity to change my work environment. Before this, I was a cook but baking brings me more joy, so I felt pretty excited to take the bakery position.

Abbey: I really liked seeing how the girls interact with each other and with customers, and also that everyone here is a really hard worker.


Tell us about your favourite Hofstede’s story or memory

Carrie: When I was new here, I was working on the till and a customer came in for lunch. I asked for his name, and he responded with a thick accent. I said: “John?” No. “Peter?” No. I went through a few more names, and he finally had to write his name down for me. Turns out his name is “Theo”, and we still laugh about it every time he comes in. That’s probably the funniest and most embarrassing thing that has happened to me at the store.

Jesse: I haven’t really been here long enough to have a favourite memory, but so far my overall experience here has been really positive.

Abbey: Last week I was on till and I took an order from a deaf lady. It was cool because I’ve never met a deaf person before, and she was really nice. You meet lots of friendly people working here.


What’s the best part of working at Hofstedes?

Carrie: The staff because it genuinely is like a family here – everyone truly cares about each other and we all get along so well.

Jesse: I haven’t been here very long, but working with the staff has been great. Everyone is so easy to get along with and it feels like a very laid-back environment.

Abbey: I think it’s great to be able to work with nice people in a nice atmosphere.


What’s it like to work with your siblings?

Carrie: It’s so fun seeing them throughout the day and it’s just comforting to know they are here. We work really well together, which is special because not all families do. I think it’s even more special for siblings to get along so well. We really enjoy spending time together – even on the weekends we’re always hanging out together and doing fun things as a family.

Jesse: The three of us have a really good relationship. I think when other staff see us joking around and laughing, it makes it easier for them to join-in and have fun with us too. Hopefully our dynamic helps everyone feel more comfortable around each other.

Abbey: It’s really cool. I enjoy being around my siblings – we’re really close!