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Our deli consists of a large variety of meats and cheeses ready to be sliced just for you by one of our friendly deli staff. Our competitive pricing includes specials that vary each week. We support smaller companies that believe in reducing the amounts of nitrates and preservatives in their meats to provide a healthier, more natural selection of deli products for you. Our selection of meats and cheeses includes a variety of nitrate/preservative free and MSG/lactose/soy/gluten free products. One of our deli slicers is dedicated to gluten free products to prevent any chance of cross-contamination between products.

Deli Services


We slice cheese! Our deli staff would be happy to slice any cheese for you. Choose from the many cheeses in our display case.

Our Hofstede’s Bone-In Festive Ham is cooked in our oven to perfection, then sliced as deli meat, giving your sandwiches that delicious baked ham taste!

Our Hofstede’s Oven-Roasted Turkey is cooked in our oven to perfection, giving your sandwiches that delicious authentic turkey taste, just like Thanksgiving!

Dinner meats: We offer chicken, pork chops, hamburger patties, ground beef, fish, sausages and even eel in our frozen section! Featuring Spolumbo’s Fine Foods Italian Sausages.