Beschuit Met Muisjes

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The Dutch have several unique traditions. Beschuit met muisjes is a delicious treat served to family and friends celebrating a baby’s arrival. Hofstede’s Country Barn carries all the products you need to make your own Beschuit met muisjes.

Beschuit is round, crispy biscuit created from twice-baked bread which gives it a crunch with every bite. Beschuit is sort of like a thick crusty cracker. Muisjes are tiny sugar coated aniseeds, and the word Muisje translates to ‘little mouse’. Some people think that the ” mouse” association came about because when the aniseeds are dipped into the sugar mixture a little  mouse-like “tail” forms around the stalk. Typically, the blue and white muisjes are served when a boy is born, and pink and white are served when a girl is born. Special orange muisjes were released for a limited time when the daughters of the Crown Prince of the Netherlands (Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange) were born!

If you ever visit a newborn baby in Holland, you can expect to be treated to beschuit met muisjes! This tradition is very much on-going, and older siblings get in on the fun by bringing beschuit met muisjes to school when a younger brother or sister is born. Expect to see this treat pop-up in our store when we celebrate the birth of Richard and Tera’s first grandchild!